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May 1, 2010

New Website Under Construction

Innovative Facility Solutions® is proud to welcome you to our new site. We have great plans to make this site one the great resources for facility expertise.


Innovative Facility Solutions®:

Innovative Facility SolutionsInnovative Facility Solutions is a marketing and distribution network built on the expertise, experience, and commitment of top performers in the domains of Facilities Operation, Maintenance, and Management. Innovative Facility Solutions is comprised of Independent Member Organizations* employing Expert People, to help their clients achieve Expert Results. It’s Members jointly leverage their reputation and prestige to build and protect a brand that allows clients to be confident that they have engaged the industries top domain experts.

*Although Innovative Facility Solutions takes extensive steps to examine the credentials, references and capabilities of our Member Experts, we make no guarantees regarding the results you will obtain on a particular engagement of a member or the quality of the job that may be performed if you elect to retain their services. Innovative Facility Solutions network clients directly engage its Independent Member Organizations who assume all liability for products provided and work performed.

Got Expertise?

If so, your organization is invited to submit credentials, references, and demonstrations of capabilities to the Innovative Facility Solutions Selection Committee for consideration. To learn more please visit Become a Member.